Evolving Traditions


On Fridays at 5:30 at 32 Old Slip, we turn down the work and turn up the music. Staff gather to unwind from the week over a drink while watching the sunset reflect off the buildings downtown Brooklyn and listening to music DJed by one of our team members and memorialized as a Spotify playlist. SpotiFriday has been a fun activity for staff across departments to enjoy together, and in addition to ping pong and our lawn games, has become a defining part of our Foundation Center culture.

“After every SpotiFriday, I leave thinking what interesting and talented people we share our days with. The spirit of camaraderie has to have a positive impact on our work and work culture.”

Renee Westmoreland, Director of Web Design & Development

Here’s the music from all the 2016 SpotiFridays combined into a single playlist for your listening pleasure: