In 2015, Foundation Center’s headquarters moved to an exciting open plan space that reflects what we’ve become: A collaborative, high-tech, and high-touch organization dedicated to strengthening the social sector by advancing knowledge about philanthropy in the U.S. and around the world.

More than six million people use our services every year in person and online, and 99.7 percent of them do so for free. Beyond free, Foundation Center today is an organization that is open.

Explore our 2015 accomplishments arranged by the six priorities in our Foundation Center 2020 strategic plan.


Open to serve you

Connecting nonprofits to resources they need to thrive

Foundation directory online
Foundation center training

“[Foundation Center] started my career...30 years ago. It’s allowed me to bring millions into the hospitals and schools I’ve worked with.”

Melody Lee

Stark State College, Ohio

In 2015
We provided 85 free live training webinars to more than 10,000 online participants.
Funding Information Network

OPEN for knowledge

Empowering donors with the knowledge tools they need to be more strategic

“Funders driven to make a dent in persistent issues need to learn from what others have done, and how they have done it.”

Jen Bokoff

Director of Knowledge Services, Foundation Center

For Data

Building the global data platform for philanthropy

Foundation Maps 2.0
In 2015
Our database grew to include data from 214 countries and territories – up from 126 in 2014.
SDG Philanthropy Platform

“With SDGfunders.org, we have a real opportunity to start the SDG process with strong baseline data, track the investment of philanthropy and the global community, and take on the difficult challenge of measuring true progress.”

Bradford K. Smith

President, Foundation Center

OPEN Information

Communicating philanthropy’s contribution to making a better world

How Do We #QuantifyHope for Black Men & Boys? @BMAFunders @BMAchievement

In 2015

Our web properties attracted nearly 12 million sessions and our Twitter community grew by 25% to over 234,000 followers.

OPENness in Philanthropy

Encouraging greater transparency among foundations

“At Glasspockets, we are always looking for examples of how the field is opening its windows and giving us all a better glimpse of what is going on inside.”

Janet Camarena

Director of Transparency Initiatives, Foundation Center

How committed are #foundations to #diversity & inclusion? @CalEndow @Glasspockets

“Imagine what we can learn when we bring together knowledge from different times, organizations, and fields of practice and we do it in a way that makes that knowledge easily accessible and easily shareable.”

Lisa Brooks

Director of Knowledge Management Systems, Foundation Center

OPEN to innovation

Ensuring our technology provides a strong foundation for Foundation Center’s work

“We have made huge strides to replace our legacy technology. We now have coordinated business and data systems across the organization, helping us to learn more from each interaction with the thousands of people we reach every day.”

Crystal Mandler

Director of Business Insight, Foundation Center

Enterprise Data Management System
In 2015
We made technology enhancements that will enable us to process about 2 million grants in the coming year – a 700% increase.